Central Rail Corridor Walk and Eat Self Guided Tour

Due to improvement works, parts of the central rail corridor are still closed and requires a long detour. These works are expected to be completed by 2nd quarter 2021.

Therefore we recommend walking from Ghim Moh to Jalan Anak Bukit. Both the start and end points are accessible by MRT and at each end there are excellent food places each for you to try. The length is about 5km. The walk itself should take about an hour.

Enter trail at Ghim Moh

There are two entrances

  1. Exit Bouna Vista MRT station using the underpass to Ghim Moh. After the underpass, there is a path that leads to the trail.
  2. Cross the overhead bridge across North Buona Vista Road. Exit from the center stairs. A short distance you will see a path leading to the trail.

Detour at Holland Road

  • exit the trail near Cold Storage Jelita
  • cross the overhead bridge
  • walk into Bukit Sedap Road
  • walk onto track to continue to the trail

Exit trail at Jalan Anak Bukit

At the exit, you will see the bus stop, overhead bridge and Bukit Timah Plaza.

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