Hawker Centre Information


Ever gone down to a hawker centre only to find that it is closed? Now you can find out and save yourself a trip - without having to install an app.

Type in the hawker centre name until the one you want appears and select. Information includes whether hawker centre is open or closed for renovation or cleaning

Hawker Centre Telegram Bot

@hawkercentrebot is a Telegram bot that tells you if a hawker centre is open or closed and notifies you a day before the hawker centre closes if you add the hawker centre to favorite. Works with Telegram Groups.

Hawker Centre Widget

If you write about Hawker Centre food, no more disappointed readers salivating at your write-up only to find the hawker centre closed when they visit if you embed our widget on your webpage.

Contains information from Dates of Hawker Centres Closure accessed on 23 Jul 2021 from the National Environment Agency which is made available under the terms of the Singapore Open Data Licence version 1.0